Hoe zou het nog met Sergei Skripal zijn?

do, 06/06/2019 - 12:19

Lange tijd dat we nog iets vernomen hebben van Sergei Skripal. Niet onlogisch aangezien deze vergiftigde "spion" intussen van de aardbol lijkt te zijn verdwenen, samen met nog twee andere "slachtoffers" van de aanval met Novichok. Gordon Dimmack volgt het dossier en heeft alle "toevalligheden" in dit dossier voor ons even samengevat:

Sergei Skripal, MI6 Spies, D-Notices and a “Dodgy Dossier”



I imagine most people by now will know of this guy from the TV show NCIS: Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Played by Mark Harmon.


In the show, Gibbs is a marine who has become head of the top Naval criminal investigator team, and has a set of rules he lives his life by, one of which is this:

Gibbs Rule #39
 There is no such thing as a coincidence.

Gibbs applies this rule into his investigations whenever two cases which are seemingly unconnected have paths that cross.

I thought of this rule because of the Skripal story which I’ve been covering, which seems to have increasingly more to do with agents of a type which used to work for Her Majesty’s MI6, than it does with any agents of the Russian nerve kind.

For instance: Do you think it’s a coincidence that Sergei Skripal not only knew, but was close to and lived in the same town as Christopher Steele?

If you don’t know who Christopher Steele is, let me explain.

Christopher Steele is the former MI6 agent who owned a private company, Orbis Business Intelligence, to dig up any dirt they can on Trump. It was originally funded by a US republican party affiliated media outlet called the Washington Free Beacon.

Steele’s company, coincidentally, employs former MI6 agent, Pablo Miller, as a consultant. We know this as Miller was listed through his LinkedIn profile as working as a consultant at the firm, which has since been deleted.

But I guess that’s just a coincidence too. Or maybe hackers manipulated search results as Luke Harding, author of “collusion” — a book on alleged “collusion” between Trump and Russia which was totally devoid of any evidence of collusion at all, would have people believe.

Or, as it turns out. Not have people believe at all.


Pablo Miller also just happened to also be the recruiter and handler for Steele’s friend, former Russian Colonel and British Spy, Sergei Skripal.

Yeah. Turns out, they may well have all known each other wayback in the mid-2000’s.

Another coincidence, right?

Nobody knows, or at least I can see no proof of, whether Sergei Skripal was part of any operation to get dirt on Trump, but it would make sense. Steele was basically using the funding his company got to bribe various officials within or associated to the Kremlin for any potential dirt they had on Trump, and Skripal would possibly know of many other potential contacts.

So they start work on the now infamous ‘Golden Shower Dossier’. However, Trump then wins the nomination for the Republican party, which surprised almost everyone at the time. And the Washington Free Beacon no longer requires Orbis Business Intelligence’s services.

All was not lost for Steele and co, though, as Hilary Clinton now continued the funding through FusionGPS and Steele continued to try and dig up any further dirt on Trump.

Hillary Clinton, in another coincidence, was revealed by WikiLeaks to be attempting to suppress any talks of Novichok when she was Secretary of State back in 2009.


Anyway, Trump wins the presidency before the contents of Steele’s dossier are made public. However, the contents of the dossier were widely known in the media and by the FBI, but the 35 page series of memos which were produced between June and December 2016 didn’t come to the public eye until January 10th of 2017, just prior to Trump being inaugurated, when Buzzfeed published the details.

Coincidentally, the first thing the UK government did when this all came to light, was give the media D-Notices in an attempt to stop Christopher Steele being named in any major media outlet as the author of the pee dossier.


The BBC, Telegraph and Guardian all declined on this occasion to adhere to the D-notice, and published his name regardless, probably because anybody with an internet connection already knew his name.


11 months later at the UK governments top chemical, biological and nuclear research centre at Porton Down, a former Motorola phone salesman, Gary Aitkenhead, is given the job as its’ chief.

I only bring that up because of the timing, it’s around 9 weeks after his arrival at Porton Down, and just before the Skripal incident took place, that the UK holds its largest ever chemical warfare drills, which run from 12th February to 4th March.

As the Royal Navy website itself states:

“It climaxes with a full-scale exercise involving government and industry scientists and more than 300 military personnel, including the RAF Regiment and the RM Band Service — casualty treatment was a key part of the Salisbury Plain exercise.”

On the 4th March, the day these largest ever chemical drills were due to finish and just a few miles away, Sergei Skripal and his daughter are taken to hospital.

First reports were they were suffering from the effects of some sort of psychoactive drug.

Then out of the blue, the day after the poisoning while everything is still up in the air and SkyNews doing brilliant work in reporting 21 people were affected by this outbreak of poisoning, the UK government slapped a D-Notice on the media mentioning either Pablo Miller in any reporting, or Orbis Business Intelligence — Christopher Steele’s private company.

The day after this alleged poisoning took place, and the first thing the government did, was ask for silence of an ever-obedient media.


Why is that? Why did they do that?

That was when we start getting the first reports of Novichok being mentioned, or Russia.

The hospital trust spokesperson in charge of Salisbury hospital said at the time allegations of chemical nerve agents were flying, that they had never admitted anyone at that hospital who were suffering from exposure to nerve agents. Ever.


This didn’t get much press, though, as reports were running wild in the media that first the Skripals were poisoned because Yulia had inadvertently smuggled the Novichok into the UK in a box of cereal, then they theorized they were poisoned by a powder through the car ventilation system, then via liquid on the door handle.

Why liquid on a door handle? What a stupid plan that is. It was drizzly that day, and there’s no guarantee that door handle would get touched anyway. At least come up with something plausible. If this really was an assassination attempt as the government wants us to believe, it was totally cocked-up by possibly the most monumentally stupid assassin ever to walk the planet.

This theory, ridiculous as it may seem, didn’t stop every politician being quoted unchallenged by the entire corporate and establishment media outlet this side of the Atlantic as saying this now much-abused phrase, “of a type developed in Russia.”

The BBC even threw in a much ridiculed documentary, at least by me, which pointed the finger at the scary factory in Russia the Novichok could have originated from.

UK government officials all were very careful in their wording, apart from one or two who were caught in a lie. Chief among which being Boris Johnson, when the aforementioned Motorola salesman, Gary Aitkenhead from Porton Down, gave a testimony to SkyNews which looked somewhat similar to the sort of video you would see recorded in a hostage situation.

Nevertheless his not coerced-at-all statement highlighted a blatant Boris lie, although Boris faced no consequences for it whatsoever.

He got away scott-free probably because while UK officials and media outlets were careful with their wording, the United States media just dispensed with the veil of “of a type developed by Russia” altogether and went for an entirely more direct approach.

Anybody by this stage who called for a more measured approach and an investigation into the facts of what happened before any accusations or reactions were made, were immediately attacked by the ever-obedient media as being Putin Puppets and a Kremlin Stooge, and 150 Russian Embassy staff were then expelled throughout the world, cementing the new cold war we now live in for the unforeseeable future in place.

Russia have at this point been accused of using chemical weapons on European soil first time since WWI. If they didn’t do anything here, if they had no knowledge of these matters as they claim, they’d probably be mighty pissed at this point, but it’s about to get much worse for them.

A few weeks after all this happened, one of Putin’s closest allies, Bashar-Al Assad of Syria, gets accused of using chemical weapons as well, but this time on home soil against his own civilians when he’s basically won the war, and the only possible explanation for him using them on his own people in this way, would be that he, much like the Skripal assassin, is also monumentally stupid.

In both cases, there was a rush to judgment on the government’s part to explain what happened and who was to blame, and not one single piece of valid evidence given that either had happened at all, let alone who was responsible.

The latest revelation with the Skripal case, is the green light has now been given to all allegedly affected areas in Salisbury except the Skripals’ home. We can only assume this means the official story is the last line they gave us, that the Skripals were allegedly poisoned at home by a liquid on the door handle, will not change any time soon.

Which means the official story we have is the Skripals were supposedly poisoned at home with a military grade 4th generation nerve agent of a type developed in Russia, called Novichok, which is 5–8x more lethal than VX and should have killed them both within minutes, however because the attempted murder was committed by the most monumentally stupid assassin ever to walk the planet, they managed to instead drive to a supermarket car park, walk to the pub for a drink, then walked to a restaurant and had a meal, before finally collapsing in a park hours afterwards.


We are told that, also by way of luck and also sheer coincidence, the first to this scene is a police officer! What a coincidence he was so close! However, bad news for him, he somehow is the only other person to feel a bit poorly that day.

All 3 people who were allegedly exposed to this Novichok went on make miraculous recoveries few weeks later. And all 3 have since disappeared from public view and have not been heard from since.

That’s the official story we are supposed to believe. Not only is this what the government are saying, but the corporate and establishment media, too.

It’s bonkers. It’s bonkers they expect an intelligent person to believe that is entirely true.

As for what really happened?

Maybe one day we will hear the truth. Maybe one day we will have another Chilcott report moment, maybe one day the truth will come out.

Maybe the reason this whole affair seems to smell a lot like “Iraq again”, to people, is that just like with Iraq, we know we are being lied to.

Now, as for whether Gibbs was right. As for whether there is no such thing as a coincidence — only a man with little knowledge of large mathematical equations would think that is the case…..because coincidences do happen sometimes.

For instance when I looked for the episode number where Gibbs’ rule stating there is no such thing as a coincidence was first shown, I found episode it was revealed was episode 21 of season 7.

Which coincidentally was an episode about the poisoning of a Russian spy and a female member of his family with Ricin pellets. I guess you could say of a type developed by the Soviet Union.

Now that is a coincidence. Coincidences can be seen everywhere if you look hard enough for them.

But I am damn sure, that if Leroy Jethro Gibbs was investigating this case, his team would be all over Pablo Miller, Christopher Steele and Orbis Business Intelligence like white on Rice.